Family Law

Sharp Legal Group

Unfortunately, many of our valued relationships end, causing several emotions and turmoil. We believe that the emotional suffering tied to these difficult situations should not be deepened by the complications associated with the legal system.

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Estate Planning & Probate Law

Estate planning is just as vital as family planning itself. Thorough estate planning can avoid tragic situations, which could impede the grieving process when losing loved ones. The majority of the public is not educated on the necessity of estate planning.

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Commercial Services  

We also provide the following services: Commercial and retail collections including bankruptcy litigation, commercial and residential landlord and tenant litigation, business and contract litigation, and contract review.              

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                                      Our Experience, Your Service. 
The attorneys at Peppel, Grice & Palazzolo, P.C. understand that all individuals and small businesses, at one point or another, will need legal representation. We also understand that strong representation and sincere dedication allow individuals to have a peace of mind in the midst of difficult situations. We are passionate about providing quality representation and spend numerous hours ensuring that our clients receive the best service possible. Additionally, we devote hours of time to pro bono work to ensure that everyone gets their day in court.  We strive for excellence in our work and remain dedicated to being some of the most passionate and dedicated attorneys in the community.

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