FAMILY LAW

Unfortunately, many of our valued relationships end, causing several emotions and turmoil. We believe that the emotional suffering tied to these difficult situations should not be deepened by the complications associated with the legal system. Therefore, we focus on transparency, where our clients are thoroughly educated on the legal process. While we cannot guarantee any outcome, we provide as much information as necessary to eliminate any confusion and reservations associated with retaining an attorney.

We provide representation in the following areas:

Divorces (uncontested and contested)
Premarital Agreements
Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
Child Custody Modification
Child Support Enforcement and Modification
Modification or Establishment of Visitation Rights
Grandparents’ Rights
Termination of Parental Rights

                                                               ESTATE PLANNING AND PROBATE LAW

Estate planning is just as vital as family planning itself. Thorough estate planning can avoid tragic situations, which could impede the grieving process when losing loved ones. The majority of the public is not educated on the necessity of estate planning. We believe that educating our clients is essential to avoiding the many frustrations that family members experience after losing loved ones.

We have handled sophisticated estates involving a wide array of assets, including businesses, trusts, retirement accounts, etc. We have the ability to assist you in planning whether you own few or extensive assets. We provide creative ideas to minimize tax exposure while maximizing assets passing to your family members should something happen to you.

Additionally, we provide representation in the following areas:
Guardianships and Conservatorships
Probate of Wills
Probate of Estates
Small Estate Affidavits
Heirship proceedings
Administration of Decedents' estates
Claims against estates
Will contests
Contested estate matters
Will drafting
Trust drafting
Powers of Attorney
Veterans Benefits planning
Medicaid planning
Estate and Trust Administration

                                                                   SMALL BUSINESS SERVICES

                                                                       We also provide the following services to corporations:

Business succession planning
Business litigation
Contract review
Bankruptcy Litigation (Creditors)
Business Formation services